Saturday, November 12, 2011

SAP Business Objects SPM


You might have heard about SAP Business Objects Spend Performance Management ( SPM ) in recent days.

What is it all about? You might have heard about Rapid mart Solutions. Now a days SAP is concentrating more on Rapid Mart Solutions.

A Rapid mart solution is nothing about a ready made solution. All basic building objects will be provided by the Product provider. Its just a plug in solution for a Business Problem.

We can go for such solutions, when clients needs immediate results.

So, SAP Business Objects SPM is a Rapid Mart Solution which is built on top of SAP BI / BW system.

Basically the SPM tool helps Business users analyze their spend and helps in improving savings.

Many times, people confuse about Business Objects name as part of this tool name. SAP is using just for branding purpose.

The idea is that, SAP wants to use Business Objects for all its reporting and analytic requirements. Even though SAP is not using Business Objects in building SAP BO SPM tool, the name is just included as part of name just for branding.

At present SAP SPM is coming up with 3.0 version. At present the version is SAP BO SPM 2.0  2.1

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