Thursday, April 21, 2011

Business Objects Information Design Tool 4.0


Today, I want to discuss about Business Objects Information Design Tool ( IDT 4.0 ).

SAP has overcome the restriction as one connection at a time in universe designer in IDT. There is no more universe designer from Business Objects 4.0 even though it is available for smooth transition from previous versions to IDT 4.0.

The IDT 4.0 interface looks like Business View Manager Interface. If you have worked on BVM, the IDT interface has got the similar look and feel.

The Business View manager has the functionality of connecting to multiple connections at once. So IDT has this functionality included same like Business View manager.

So more or less IDT 4.0 = Universe Designer Functionality + Business View Manager ( interface + multiple connection functionality)

Will come up with an another interesting topic. Keep watching this space!


  1. Hi,

    I'm having trouble finding direction on how BO and SAP BW should be architected. The way I invision the future is that IDT will be used to build semantic layers above the BW targets(Cubes/DSOs/BEx Queries?) IDT would build additional metrics that are not persisted similar to what BEx Queries would do. Then further BOBJ reporting tools would build reports/dashboards above the semantic layer. IDT combines the functionalities of SAP BW MultiProviders and SAP Bex Queries. The confusing part is the introduction of BICs. I see it as a connection method to BEX Queries but consultants view this as a defacto connection and design for BOBJ to SAP BW connection/reporting meaning that any BOBJ tools should connect to SAP BW via BICs to a Bex Query. This results in outlining an Architecture where 1 Bex query is built for each BOBJ reporting object which is not much different than the old paridigm of 1 Bex query - 1 Univiverse - 1 Bobj Report. Why would SAP's direction be a heavy Bex query architecture if Bex query is going away?

    The way I'm guiding clients is to use semantic layer and defined corporate metrics in the semantic layer that is not persisted in BW targets. Use the semantic layer to build BOBJ reports. This doesn't mean for cockpits and dashboards you may be creating Bex queires to embed them for performance improvements.

    Am I mistaking SAP/BOBJ intentions?



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