Tuesday, April 12, 2011

SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence 4.0


I have attended a SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence 4.0 RKT (Ramp-up knowledge transfer) virtual lab training by SAP in March 2011.

Can you give a guess what it all about? Yes, you are right. We are talking about SAP Business Objects next release 4.0 after XI3.1. SAP has removed the part XI and added Business Intelligence as part of the new release.

Now the next release of Business Objects is called as "SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence 4.0"

The new release is quiet good and simplified by merging its multiple core products and coming up with a stronger product line.

One good part is SAP considered the existing investors who has invested a lot in Business Object. So SAP has provided a smooth ramp-up transition from previous releases to 4.0.

At the same time, there are some negative shades such as removal of Desktop Intelligence which might hurt some of the existing Deski lovers and investors as it is no longer available from 4.0 release. On the other side, SAP is incorporating all those features into WebIntelligence 4.0

Here is the a snapshot of SAP Business Objects product portfolio.

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